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When planning an event it is important to cover all of your bases. Many times you forget about one of the main things you may need- a restroom or shower. We get calls all the time about people forgetting that they may need a restroom or shower for their outdoor wedding or event. No one wants an ugly blue box at their wedding, lucky for you Royal Restrooms have the nicest restrooms and showers around.

Restroom Trailers

The number one complaint for people going to events is the restroom. Many times all you see are lines and lines waiting to use the little blue box that is never clean and has nowhere to wash your hands. Royal Restrooms has changed that. Now portable restrooms are cool. They are just like your home restroom and has everything you need to make you feel comfortable. No more worrying if your wedding dress or suit is going to be stained or get wet. If you are holding any type of outdoor event or remodeling an area, give Royal Restrooms a call today. You will be glad you did!

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers are known on the sets of film and music production sites, but they are also helpful in other situations. They are great for when you are doing home or business remodeling as well as for events that doesn’t have power or running water around them. Royal Restrooms offers the area a wide variety of shower trailers with each containing its own toilet and sink. Our showers are equipped and ready to use just like the one you have at home or a hotel.