Royal Restrooms – FAQ’s


How do I choose a trailer ?

With the details of your event (duration and number of guests), we will be happy to help determine which trailer(s) should work for you.

As a general rule, you should figure 100 people per stall for an event which lasts 4-6 hours. This number is subject to change depending on how much food and beverage is being consumed.

Please contact us at for further assistance with the best solution for your event as we have several models to choose from.

Can you provide an attendant for my event?

An attendant is not necessary. However, for an additional fee we are happy to provide one to maintain the restrooms, replenish supplies, clean and give you peace of mind that you will not have to be concerned with any restroom issues during your event.

Are Royal Restroom Trailer(s) handicapped accessible?

We have ADA trailers in our fleet that are specifically designed for handicap accessibility.  These have an easy access ramp, a spacious interior, and is fully ADA compliant with specifications.

Are Royal Restroom Trailer(s) climate controlled?

Yes. The restroom trailers have heat and air-conditioning for the comfort of your guests.

What if water and electric hook-ups aren't available at my site?

No problem. We can easily provide additional water and generator for electrical power. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be sure to include them in the pricing.

Most trailers only need a 110v/20amp outlet and a water supply that can connect to a garden hose.

Do you provide shower trailers?

Yes. Most shower trailers have a toilet, sink and, of course, a shower in each private stall.

Do you provide the plastic port-a-potty boxes?

No.  We only provide upscale restroom trailers. We do work with local companies that provide them and we would be happy to assist with arrangements as well.

What is included in my price?

For ease and peace of mind, we quote all costs upfront, including rental rate, delivery/setup/pick up, and waste removal (for multiday rentals).  You will not get stuck with additional costs you did not plan for.

Additional fees may be applied for:

  • Water and Power if we must provide it.
  • Attendant, if requested.

Additional fees for long-term rental may include:

  • Water and Power if we must provide it.
  • Scheduled cleaning.
  • Scheduled waste disposal service.
  • Additional service calls.

Where can the trailer(s) be placed?

We can place the restroom trailers almost anywhere. Ideally, a level ground with access that is not obstructed by low hanging branches, low hanging power lines or fencing.

We can provide you brochure with floor plans and specific dimensions for each trailer but typically they are as followed:

  • Height = 10.5 to 12 feet tall
  • Length = 14 to 32 feet long
  • Width =  8 to 16 feet wide

Safety is our # 1 concern, so a location should be chosen where the guests can see and get to the trailer easily but without taking from the events appearance.

For long-term rentals, placement is important for servicing and pick-up. A service truck must be able to get within 20 feet of the drain valve on the trailers.

Is it possible to put a trailer inside a tent?

Tents with a center pole (giving ventilation through the roof) are typically okay. Other styles of tents may trap the venting fumes causing an unhealthy/unpleasant situation. Use of tents is subject to approval by your local inspectors.

Also note, the restroom trailers are 13’ tall, up to 16’ wide and up to 32’ long. So you have to allow enough room for the number of trailers requested.

When will the trailer(s) be delivered?

We reach out a few days prior to your event to confirm delivery times.  Special deliveries and pickups may be set up upon request. There may be an additional charge for this service.

Does someone need to be available when the trailer(s) are delivered?

Most all set-ups require a contact on site for proper placement, as well as a quick demonstration.

When should I reserve a Royal Restroom Trailer(s)?

It’s always best to reserve your restroom as soon as you decide that you will need it due to the fact that these trailers are first-come-first-serve.

Royal Restroom trailers are in high demand and are booked well in advanced. These trailers go from event to event with little down time. We do have the ability to mobilize for last minute or emergency events. However, this will depend on availability.

You can easily reserve your trailer with a check or credit card deposit.

We take reservations up to 2 years in advance.

All quotes are subject to availability at the time of reservation.

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