Construction Sites & Remodels

Construction sites have a lot going on and there is always time lost when waiting to use the portable toilet. The great news is, Royal Restrooms actually has running water and a sink so you can wash your hands. It would be nice while you were out working to be able to wash your hands and use the restroom in a nice setting. If you have a construction site in the West, give Royal Restrooms a call today. We can provide you with restrooms and showers, even in an area with no water or power yet.

Restroom Trailers

Royal Restrooms at a remodeling siteRestrooms are important, especially if you are working all day on a construction site with no running water or power. Our restrooms all have running water and power and air conditioning and heating. Construction sites are brutal and it is a lot nicer to use a restroom in a heated or air conditioned area than in the dark inside a small blue box. We know how uncomfortable they are and that is why Royal Restrooms created this business. We want what is best for the entire area and one way we do that is with our high quality products!

Shower Trailers

Construction jobs are a tough business, especially when you are practically living there. Royal Restrooms has shower trailers that can be delivered. Our shower trailers are equipped with everything you may need to enjoy a hot shower after working. All our shower trailers also come with air conditioning and heating as well as a sink and toilet. If you are working a construction job and know your crew will be there a lot, the shower trailer is a great choice. If they need a shower or restroom they have one there, even if you don’t have running water or power. We supply the water and generator in these cases.