Royal Restrooms – Shower Trailers


Types of Showers Available

If you are in need of a shower trailer in the area, then call Royal Restrooms. All our showers are fully furnished and nothing like what you are used to in a portable shower trailer. We offer:

2 Stall Shower/Restroom Combo

3 Stall Shower/Restroom Combo

3 Stall P Shower/Restroom Combo

8 Stall Shower

If you have an event that may require shower trailers, look no further than Royal Restrooms. We offer a wide variety of shower trailers to fit your every need. Our shower trailers are equipped with:

These shower trailers are great for emergency situations, where power and water are not available, or disaster relief efforts. Our shower trailers will get the job done no matter the reason!


Why Would I need a Shower Trailer?

Royal Restrooms has 2 stall, 3 stall, and 8 stall shower trailers to fit any needs you may have. Sometimes you have the perfect spot for an event, but not the necessary power or water in the area. That is where we come in, if you are having an event, give Royal Restrooms a call today. Our shower trailers are great for things like:

It is nice to have a shower trailer to fall back on if you have an event going on. You never know what could happen and it is always nice to be prepared for the worse. With Royal Restrooms shower and restroom trailers you have all the amenities you need in an area of your choosing. This can be great for bathroom remodels or for construction sites.