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Royal Restrooms offers the entire Intermountain West completely furnished restroom trailers. Our restroom trailers are all top quality and have the elegance that the normal portable potties do not have. Our restrooms come equipped with everything you need to feel at home. No more children being scared of the monsters in the dark hole, or you worrying about getting your suit or dress dirty.

Types of Restrooms Available

If you are in need of a restroom trailer in the area, then call Royal Restrooms. All our restrooms are fully furnished and nothing like what you are used to in a portable restroom. We offer:

2 Stall Restrooms

ADA+2 Restroom

2 Stall Platinum

3 Stall

3 Stall Bathroom & Shower

5 Stall

5 Stall Platinum

8 Stall

6 Stall Platinum

10 Stall

10 Stall Platinum

10 Stall Winterized


These stalls all have the same amenities with the APA and Platinum having wooden floors and walls. Our stalls all come with:


Royal Restroom Uses:

Our Restrooms have many wonderful uses for the area. They can be used for virtually any outdoor festivities you have planned and the great thing about it is, they are hassle free! Our Royal Restrooms are used for:

Give us a call today if you are in need of a restroom or shower trailer for your next event. Our prices are fair and we promise you will love the product and service!


<strong>Restroom Trailers</strong>

Restroom Trailers

The trailer’s full mobility, easy setup, and compact size allow for easy towing between sites where restrooms are unavailable.
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<strong>Shower Trailers</strong>

Shower Trailers

The Royal Restrooms Shower Trailers are designed to accommodate small to larger groups when combined with additional rentals.
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