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Royal Restrooms of Utah was started in February 2007 when a  friend introduced us to the idea. She knew us well and knew we were the right people for this unique type of business. We are a licensee of Royal Restrooms® which started in 2004. Our parent company found success for the same reason people rent our units… so you do not have to use big blue in your wedding dress or have your kids run out screaming because they thought they saw a monster in the hole.

We are a family owned business with the resources of a national company. The personalized nature of our business allows us to specialize in service and support. We have backgrounds in customer service, sales, planning and promotions with a little plumbing thrown in. Our goal is simple: to give a great experience with a great product.

Thank you for your visit and we
look forward to hearing from you!

<strong>Bathroom Trailers</strong>

Bathroom Trailers

The trailer’s full mobility, easy setup, and compact size allow for easy towing between sites where restrooms are unavailable.
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<strong>Shower Trailers</strong>

Shower Trailers

The Royal Restrooms Shower Trailers are designed to accommodate small to larger groups when combined with additional rentals.
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